Workshop: How do small businesses collaborate effectively in the digital age?

June 10, 2008

Myself and my colleagues from and Brunel and Royal Holloway Universities have been doing a further round of interviews with small business people who are working together collaboratively to expand the reach and delivery of their businesses. These could be small groups of consultants who can  bid for larger contracts together and then manage the projects effectively using collaborative tools like basecamp or  Or they may be people who’ve recognised a particular niche and organised a web vehicle to allow this to happen.

We’ve been talking to 12 early adopters in this field and we will be running a workshop on 20th June at our usual stamping ground at The Hub (close to Liverpool Street Station in London) to show you what we’ve found out so far.

The research is supported by West Focus so the cost is only £25 plus VAT.

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So if you are a business person wondering how collaboration might work for you, or an academic interested in researching this area, do come along and collaborate with us on the day!