April 29, 2009



19 JUNE 2009 – Aston Business School


The UN Principles of Responsible Management Education offer an unique opportunity for Schools of Business and Management to engage with a programme designed to assist Schools to adapt and transform their curricula as society demands business exhibit a more responsible and ethical approach to its activities. The relevance and importance of the PRiME initiative has been recognised already and endorsed by the AACSB and EFMD as an important indication of a Schools’ commitment to embedding ethics across programmes.


Since the Principles were published in 2007, a number of UK Schools of Business and Management have signed up. Many others have expressed interest, but for a number of reasons, probably to do with the uncertainly over the potential implications, they have not yet done so. This one-day workshop is designed to allow Deans, Heads of Departments and relevant Faculty to bring about this transformation.


Facilitated by members of the original UN Taskforce, and others who have adopted and begun the process of implementing PRiME, the day’s programme of events promises to be stimulating, instructive and instrumental by offering support and guidance from the growing network of UK educators taking a leadership role in these challenging times.


Issues of Learning and Teaching, Research and Curriculum Development will be addressed by leaders in the field, with the day designed to allow ample time for discussion.


The day’s activities will be introduced by Professor Julia King, Vice-Chancellor of Aston University, a member of the UK Government’s Committee on Climate Change, and author of the 2008 ‘King Report’ on carbon emissions.


A fee of £50.00 will be charged.


Further information, including a PRiME briefing pack, may be obtained from:


Alan Murray (


Carole Parkes (


Innovation and the environment talk

February 26, 2009

Innovation and the environment – Friday 6th March, 2pm – SIFE Southampton


This is a unique opportunity for university staff and students to meet many local business representatives and academics, talk to our exhibitors about careers issues, and increase their understanding at two very interesting seminars. If you are wondering how intelligent small businesses in the UK are responding to the current environmental and economic climate, this is your chance to find out.

There are two speakers: the first, The Rt hon. John Denham, Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, will be talking about ‘The role of innovation in solving our environmental problems’. The second: Phillip Duddell, from The Olive Consultancy, will discuss ‘Sustainable Business: Myth or Reality?’.

There is also an exhibition where several University departments and Local Companies will be represented. This event is also a brilliant chance for networking and building relationships between the University and the local community. For full event details, you should visit: There are only a limited number of seats available. To secure yours now, before they run out, go directly to

CSR on trial – the case for and against

February 24, 2009

I would like to invite you to the School of Management’s forthcoming evening seminar.

Thursday 26th February 2009

CSR on trial – the case for and against – Dr Denise Baden, School of Management, University of Southampton

Corporate Social Responsibility – or CSR as its known is the biggest thing in management speak since quality management. But never has a term achieved so much popularity in the face of so many criticisms.

Further information on the seminars is available at This event will be taking place in the School of Management (Building 2) on the University’s Highfield Campus at 6pm.

If you, or any of your colleagues, wish to attend please send me an e-mail with names and contact details of all delegates and I will reserve your places.

Please feel free to pass the details of the events on to anyone else whom you feel may be interested in hearing the seminars.

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British Academy of Management, CSR SIG – ESRC seminar series

November 11, 2008



‘When worlds collide’: contested paradigms of corporate social responsibility


15 December 2008 

The British Library Conference Centre, London NW1


Seminar One


Deciphering the domain of CSR


The financial meltdown this summer places sharp focus on what constitutes responsible business. Banking and investment practice, so often held out as an exemplar of prudence and stewardship has been exposed as negligent and opportunistic.  Other corporations stand accused of contributing to global warming and climate change, exploiting child labour and other human rights abuses, and failing to implement responsible practices in the developing world, compared with reported practices in developed western economies.


This seminar sets the intellectual context for the series by establishing the factors and supporting issues to be examined in seminars 2-6. Seminar 1 will also assess the conceptual frameworks of the emerging comparative literature on CSR. It will explore, inter alia, how we have arrived at the present position, and how corporations have managed to capture so much of the agenda. It will discuss whether or not this is where we want to be, and how research in CSR relates to practice. It will consider the ‘expectations gap’ between public perceptions and corporate strategy, and whether a justification can be advanced for CSR that goes beyond the ‘business case’. What is the role for academics and policymakers? Can collaboration offer a way forward?


Presentations by

  • Professor Jesse Dillard, Center for Professional Integrity and Accountability, Portland State University
  • Lucian Hudson,  HM Foreign and Commonwealth Office

There will be responses to the presentations, and a panel discussion will follow with questions from the floor. A tour of the British Library will be available for up to 30 people.  


Further information from: or Kathryn Haynes: or