Welcome to the Corporate Social Responsibility Community of Practice (bit of a mouthful) blog. The main thing about CSR  (or any of its definitional derivations or terms¹) is that it cuts across all sorts of traditional boundaries, which is often problematic in the traditional ‘silos’ of many academic schools. A CSR Community of Practice has been established at the University of Southampton in the UK to try and overcome these potential barriers and to act as a catalyst for CSR research and teaching activities. The aims of this blog are to:


1.  Share knowledge of CSR, events, papers, research grants

2.  Develop an awareness of what others in the community are working on

3.  Provide a ‘sounding board’ for ideas, WIP, issues, debate, etc

4.  Collaborate on submitting research grants

5.  Co-develop CSR-related teaching materials/units


If you would like to contact the CoP, or to have an article/event placed on the blog, please email Dr Ian Harwood (iah@soton.ac.uk).

¹: Terms such as – Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Philanthropy, Venture Philanthropy, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise, Corporate Community Involvement, Ethical Business, Ethical Supply, Single Planet Economy, Green Business, Green Supply Chain Management, Environmental Purchasing, Purchasing Social Responsibility, Ethical Sourcing, Socially Responsible Purchasing, Corporate Environmental Responsibility, Corporate Altruism, Corporate Social Opportunity, Corporate Compassion, Business and Human Rights, Corporate Citizenry, Enlightened Enterprise, Business for Society and Environment, Social Responsibility …etc. (let me know of any other terms relating to CSR and I’ll add them here… it would be interesting to see how big the list gets)


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