Call for papers

January 31, 2012

British Academy of Management Conference

Cardiff University , Wales, UK

September  11th-13th 2012



Sustainable and Responsible Business Special Interest Group and Track
The last 10-15 years have seen a dramatic rise in interest in the social and environmental aspects of business activity. Initiatives by companies, governments and NGO’s have all been the focus of researchers studying a range of business activities. Recent scientific reports relating commercial activity to climate change and global warming have served to keep the topic high on the agenda of policy makers and industry leaders alike. Equally, global corporate activity is blamed for exploitation in the developing world. This provides a rich area of research for those of us keen to see social and environmental responsibility as a meaningful concept, rather than merely a public relations exercise. Moreover, in raising and debating these issues, it is also important to continually revisit and re-examine challenging questions regarding the fundamental and conceptual meanings and implications surrounding the very terms ‘sustainable’ and ‘responsible’ in relations to organizations and management.
This track seeks high quality papers covering the areas of social and environmental business and the relationship between business and society. Both empirical and theoretical papers are welcome, either in full or developmental form, and may cover, but are not restricted to, the following areas of interest:

*   The systemic impacts of business activities on ecosystems, economies and social structures

*   The role of notions of individual and collective choice, action and resistance in the face of

competing issues and priorities

*   Reconceptualisations and recontextualisations of sustainable and responsible organization and


*   Evolving sustainable and socially-orientated business models

*   Critique of businesses performance on social, economic, ethical

and environmental measures

*   Regulation, standardisation, and legislation for non-economic


*   Business & Society research – past, present, future

*   In which directions should practice go now?

*   Education in business and society
The Track welcomes presentations in a range of formats including workshops, advanced and development papers. Please note that papers should conform to the British Journal of Management format and the front page should clearly state the intended track, paper form and stage (full/dev/workshop etc), and the paper type (i.e. whether or not it is theoretical or empirical).


Deadline 17th February, 2012


If you wish to discuss any issues in relation to the Track or your submission please do not hesitate to contact:

SIG Chairperson: Dr Simon Brooks (

SIG Secretary and Treasurer: Dr Paul Caulfield (

Track Chair: Professor Peter Stokes (