‘Smarter business’ to replace ‘CSR’?

August 31, 2011

An interesting blog post by Toby Webb HERE on the term ‘smarter business’ to incorporate sustainablity (and replace SCR, CR, etc)


Call for abstracts

August 25, 2011

Call for abstracts: Leuphana Sustainability Summit 2012 (Track “Corporate


“Sustainability: Enabling a Transdisciplinary Approach”

Leuphana University of Luenburg, Lueneburg, Germany

29 February – 2nd March, 2012


A growing number of businesses is dealing with corporate sustainability issues. As corporate sustainability covers a wide range of complex topics such as emission reductions, biodiversity management, sustainability-oriented product and service innovation, sustainable supply chain management, or corporate influences on communities and regional development, its successful implementation depends on the contributions of experts from various disciplines in management, environmental science, psychology, sociology, economics, and related disciplines. In fact, the complexity of many sustainability challenges requires problem-solving approaches that transcend not only boundaries between academic disciplines but also between academics and practitioners. This is what transdisciplinarity is about.


Situated at one of Europe’s most reputable sustainable universities, the conference will enable leading researchers and high-level decision-makers to meet in a transdisciplinary setting with a goal of creating new insights to help move sustainability forward. To accomplish this, 60% of the participants (researchers and decision-makers) will be invited, while 40% will be selected by a rigorous peer-review of an international board.


The track “Transdisciplinarity in Corporate Sustainability” is offered by the Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM) and the The Academy of Business in Society (EABIS).


The deadline for abstract submission (500 words) is 31 October, 2011.


The full call is available at: http://www.leuphana.de/sustainability-summit