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European Business Ethics Network

Research Conference 2011
Trinity College Dublin Business School, June 8-10


Does Integrity Matter?




Aim of the Research Conference

This conference, which is being organised by EBEN Ireland and the TCD Business School, has a particular focus on integrity. Possible topics of research include:

  • Integrity within organisations – impossible given conflicting pressures?

  • Integrity and leadership – a prerequisite?

  • Professional integrity – possible to serve the public interest?

  • Does the market value integrity?  If so, by how much?

  • Developing integrity and ethical values in business education: challenges and rewards

  • Integrity priorities at the national level – banks or citizens?

  • Integrity during times of current and previous crises – can people learn?

  • Practical application of philosophical thought in improving workplace integrity

  • Values as a basis for business success – local and international

  • Global financial crisis – lessons?

  • Recovery of trust and reputation – how?

  • Integrity within financial institutions – responsible to whom?

  • Observance of the law – sufficient for integrity?

  • Regulatory balancing act – is it possible to regulate organisational behaviour?

  • Politicians – possible to act with integrity and be re-elected?

  • Corporate governance – appropriate to all organisations?

  • Wealth & integrity – worth losing?

  • Religious integrity – prioritise hierarchy or member body?

  • Integrity within acadaemia – through competition or collaboration?

  • Sporting integrity – should Thierry Henry have owned up?

  • Stakeholder relations – do priorities change with circumstances?

  • Journalistic integrity – reporting priorities?

  • Integrity issues and whistleblowing – societal protection?

  • Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who guards the guardians at the gates?

  • Responsibility for future generations – integrity of planet and business incompatible?

  • Integrity within societal norms – is intra-country comparison possible?

  • Justice – how should society deal with integrity failures?

  • A new world order – with integrity at the core?


The official language of the conference is English.


Submission of abstracts

The programme of the conference includes plenary as well as parallel sessions. Academics and business people wishing to present their research or practical experiences at the conference are invited to submit an abstract (500 words maximum) accompanied by a short biographical note (100 words) and full mailing and e-mail addresses beforeFebruary 28th, 2011.
Research in progress that corresponds to the topics indicated or other topics related to the integrity theme of the conference is particularly sought. The Scientific Committee will select abstracts for oral presentation. Notification of acceptance for presentation will be given by March 21st, 2011.
Research capable of practical application within organisations will be particularly appreciated or at least evidence that the researcher has considered how the research can benefit ethics within businesses and other organisations.
EBEN has an agreement regarding publication of papers arising from the Research Conference with the JBEE (Journal of Business Ethics Education).  A special issue of Research in International Business and Finance will also be produced. Details of the RIBAF special issue will be available mid February at


Please email abstracts with full contact details and ‘EBEN RC’ in the title to:


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