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The Faculty of Management Technology at the German University in Cairo has a strong focus on sustainability through its Business and Society (B&S) Research cluster. The B&S cluster has been established by the departments of Strategic Management, Marketing, Innovation & Technology Management and International Business, yet handles the interface with all other departments across the Faculty. The focus is mainly, but not exclusively, on the areas of business ethics, marketing ethics, consumer education, sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), social entrepreneurship, critical management and organization studies as well as societal and environmental issues seen from a business perspective.


The mission of the center is to foster sustainable internal and external awareness of academics, students, and corporations about business ethics and corporate social responsibility through world-class teaching, research support, industry partnerships for dissemination of research results, corporate trainings, and student extracurricular activities.


The main objectives of the Business and Society research cluster are:

1.       Interdisciplinary and critical analysis of the multi-dimensional responsibilities of businesses and other organizations within their local and wider social and natural environment as well as with regard to their external and internal stakeholders;

2.       (Further) development of theoretical frameworks as well as practice-oriented and applicable concepts for identifying, measuring and managing core values and key principles of sustainable business practices and other organizational activities with social, societal and environmental impact;

3.       Close collaboration with business organizations, governmental and non-governmental as well as not-for-profit organizations in the areas of research, implementation and conduct of sustainable and ethical business concepts.


In light of this, we would like to announce to you the following vacancies at the Faculty of Management Technology, GUC:












Specifically, candidates with strong focus on sustainability issues are highly recommended to apply.


With kind regards,




Noha El-Bassiouny, Ph.D.

Lecturer of Marketing

Founder, Ethics-Based Marketing Initiative(www.ethicsbasedmarketing.net)

Founder, Balanced Leader Website(www.balancedleader.net)

Faculty of Management Technology

Marketing Department (http://mgt.guc.edu.eg/marketing/index.html)



The German University in Cairo – GUC

Main Entrance Tagamoa Al Khames, New Cairo City, Egypt

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