Call for Papers

Theme: International Business for Sustainable World Development

Submission Deadline: January 17th, 2011

Program Chair: Shige Makino, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

In recent years, sustainability has become the new morality. Sustainability involves meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs (The World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987). Defined as such, sustainability is a guiding principle to enhance the well-being of current and future social, economic, and environmental systems. A growing number of business leaders believe that sustainability is not an option but an imperative. In this year’s World Economic Forum, Jeffrey Sachs called upon business leaders to “go beyond pure self-interest and act as global statesmen in building a sound global system” as they reshape the world in the wake of the global financial crisis. Business leaders are now expected to play more active roles than ever in addressing pressing global issues, such as poverty and inequity, global warming and pollution, ownership and usage of scarce resources and emerging technologies.

The late, great Professor CK Prahalad, father of the “bottom of pyramid””philosophy, was among the first scholars to advocate using business strategy to build sustainable development because the need for it was obvious. “Don’t deny the obvious,” he said, “get on with it and innovate” (Economic Times, November, 2009). Now is the time to get on with it. Do we understand the importance of having a sustainable world? Can international business resolve critical global issues? How do firms achieve innovation and sustainability simultaneously? How can we measure the contributions of firms to sustainable world development? What roles should managers, global and domestic, play in sustainable world development? How can theories of international business be modified to encompass sustainable world development? The goal of the 2011 AIB meeting is to address these important questions, showing how international business communities can resolve critical global issues to develop a sustainable economy, society, and environment.


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