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Green IS/IT: Organizational Awareness, Readiness, and Competitiveness Minitrack – AMCIS – 2011

Affiliated with: The Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2011)
04 – 08 August 2011, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Recently, environmental issues have motivated both researchers and practitioners to identify solutions from Green IT and Green IS. Among practitioners, while Green IT has gained significant attention, Green IS has seen increasing importance. Even though Green IT covers both infrastructure and organizational aspects of environmental technology, Green IS incorporates a more general initiative by associating an integrated set of systems (including people, processes, software, and information technologies) to support individual, organizational, and societal goals. Surprisingly, while industries, corporations, and IS units have acknowledged the importance of environmental issues, the IS academy has provided limited contribution to burgeoning knowledge in Green IS. The critical role of both Greening IS and Greening IT and both Green IS and Green IT for goods and services manufacture is visible to consumers but is also embedded in the life cycles of materials, manufacturing systems, and public infrastructure. Information in general, and IS and IT systems in particular can play an important control role through support of environmental management systems, life cycle analysis, and design for the environment practices. Organizationally IS and IT managers and technologists’ awareness of greening organizations is one of the potential starting points that requires investigation. The latest step is not only awareness and readiness, but how can organizations leverage their IS capacities to effectively address these issues from reactive risk management or cost averse perspectives, and also a longer term competitive stance and relationship. Inevitably, this special topic issue of the Green IS/IT the decision to complete environmental action will be strategic with fundamental changes across the organization and IS can play a central role in this effort.

Information for contributors
The papers will be electronically peer reviewed.  Papers will then be selected for presentation and will be included in the conference proceedings. Papers should present original and unpublished research. The conference proceedings are planned to be published and distributed by For more detailed information, please take a look at the main conference website: AMCIS 2011:

Papers may be submitted electronically through:

After the workshop, a number of best papers will be invited for submission to a special issue in a leading peer reviewed academic journal.

Topics of interest include:
1. IS behavioral research for leadership and motivation for greening within organizations 2. How information systems can raise and contribute to awareness of organizational greening both internal and external to the organization.
3. The roles of various emergent information systems and technology including mobile systems, cloud computing, and remote sensing to aid in greening organizations.
4. Environmental management model (e.g. strategic model and its implementation) implementation and support through Green IS and Green IT.
5. Economy policy and incentives and standards, regulations, and legal issues.
6. The roles of Green IS and Green IT in environmental management systems, life cycle analysis, eco-design, green supply chain management, and other environmentally oriented business practices.
7. Environmental stakeholder involvement in IS and IT design and development.
8. IS roles in carbon trading systems (both internal and external).
9. Clean Technology and IS and IT relationships.
10. Scale development for empirical research in green IS and green IT 11. Globalization, -Information system, Information Technology, and the environment 12. Monitoring, visualization, and optimization 13. Green logistics and supply chain management 14. Innovation methods and sustainability 15. Green industrial eco-systems, Information System, and sustainability 16. Green awareness and communication for formulating organizational strategy

Important Dates
Dec 30, 2010 AIS Review System will begin accepting submissions for AMCIS 2011 Feb 17, 2010 Full Paper Submission deadline Mar 24, 2011 Authors notified of paper acceptance decision April 21, 2011 Camera-Ready Papers due

Minitrack Chairs Contact Information:

Joseph Sarkis
Professor of Management
Graduate School of Management
Clark University, USA

Chulmo Koo
Assistant Professor
College of Business
Chosun University, South Korea


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