Call for Contributions for a Book on ‘Trends in CSR and SD’

The blueprint for the future of sustainability lies in present trends.

They impact and shape the ways we will interact with our environment.

By exploring these trends, we can anticipate the businesses, strategies, products and services of our future society.

This is an invitation to professionals interested in co-authoring a book about a number of trends in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Co-authors are asked to write a short text on one of sixty trends with a maximum of 1.500 words. That is approximately 5 pages including references and resources.


Please note that we will be accepting applications throughout next week, up to Friday the 5th of November.

In your application, please indicate several trends you would be interested in writing about since a number of trends could already be assigned.


For more information, please go to


This book is an initiative by Jan Jonker. Jan Jonker works at the Nijmegen School of Management in The Netherlands. Recently he edited: ‘Management Models for CSR and ‘Management Models for the Future’.


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