New Journal for 2011

Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment

The Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment is the first journal to provide a dedicated international forum for the growing number of researchers, policy makers and practitioners working in sustainable finance, investments and governance. This inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal focuses on environmental, social and governance principles as formulated in managed investment, banking, project finance, and philanthropy.

A focus of the Journal is the increasing importance of regulatory frameworks for sustainability in financial markets. In an era of global financial markets, the financial sector has a crucial impact on economic welfare, social equity and protection of the environment. Climate change debates provide an example of how financial markets have become an important policy mechanism.

The journal also develops the understanding of sustainable investment theory and practice by providing a venue for in-depth discussion and offering a range of accessible, impartial perspectives for both academics and professionals operating in the field.

The Journal publishes four issues per year and will publish its first issue in February 2011.

Authors are invited to submit articles to the Journal on topics including the following:

• Responsible investment and market structure

• Governance of financial markets

• Investors and corporate social responsibility

• Carbon finance

• Emerging markets and micro-financing

• Shareholder responsibilities

• Investments law and regulatory frameworks promoting sustainable forms of financing

• Education initiatives

• Intergovernmental policy issues such as the debates about sustainable development in international development assistance.

Please visit the Journal’s website for more information:


Please submit your papers to:

CONTACT: Dr Matthew Haigh, Aarhus University


Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment is available free online for academic institutions and NGOs for 2011. To request access, email


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