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Socio-Economic Review

Special Issue on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Institutional Theory: New Perspectives on Private Governance”


18 February 2011

We invite theoretical and empirical papers from a variety of traditions in thinking about and studying institutions. The following is a list of indicative, but not exhaustive, topic areas:

  • CSR in cross-national comparison: institutional diversity and CSR; varieties of capitalism and corporate responsibility; implicit vs. explicit forms of CSR
  • CSR and state regulation: the implications of liberal or interventionist forms of state intervention for defining the social space of CSR; framing of CSR in the context of different forms of statehood; CSR as a substitute for formal regulation; the role of CSR within “institutional voids” or areas of limited statehood
  • Diffusion of CSR: understanding the spread and form of CSR initiatives; regulative, normative, and mimetic forms of isomorphism
  • Standard setting: standard setting with regard to social, environmental or governance standards; use of social branding and labelling; regulation of social and environmental disclosure
  • Stakeholder power and influence: local actor constellations and power dynamics; the role of unions in implementing CSR initiatives; forms of influence by NGOs, media, or other civil society actors
  • Reputation as a governance mechanism: role of responsible and irresponsible behavior in shaping reputation;
  • Historical perspectives on CSR: origins of CSR in different countries or sectors; long-term changes in the relationship between the state, civil society and corporations.

For further information please contact any of the Guest Editors for this Special Issue:

Steve Brammer:

Gregory Jackson:

Dirk Matten:


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