August 25, 2010

Thought this was an interesting group: http://www.oikos-international.org/. “Oikos is the international student organisation for sustainable economics and management and a leading reference point for the promotion of sustainability change agents”


Call for papers

August 24, 2010

Socio-Economic Review

Special Issue on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Institutional Theory: New Perspectives on Private Governance”


18 February 2011

We invite theoretical and empirical papers from a variety of traditions in thinking about and studying institutions. The following is a list of indicative, but not exhaustive, topic areas:

  • CSR in cross-national comparison: institutional diversity and CSR; varieties of capitalism and corporate responsibility; implicit vs. explicit forms of CSR
  • CSR and state regulation: the implications of liberal or interventionist forms of state intervention for defining the social space of CSR; framing of CSR in the context of different forms of statehood; CSR as a substitute for formal regulation; the role of CSR within “institutional voids” or areas of limited statehood
  • Diffusion of CSR: understanding the spread and form of CSR initiatives; regulative, normative, and mimetic forms of isomorphism
  • Standard setting: standard setting with regard to social, environmental or governance standards; use of social branding and labelling; regulation of social and environmental disclosure
  • Stakeholder power and influence: local actor constellations and power dynamics; the role of unions in implementing CSR initiatives; forms of influence by NGOs, media, or other civil society actors
  • Reputation as a governance mechanism: role of responsible and irresponsible behavior in shaping reputation;
  • Historical perspectives on CSR: origins of CSR in different countries or sectors; long-term changes in the relationship between the state, civil society and corporations.

For further information please contact any of the Guest Editors for this Special Issue:

Steve Brammer: mnssjab@management.bath.ac.uk

Gregory Jackson: gregory.jackson@fu-berlin.de

Dirk Matten: dmatten@schulich.yorku.ca

Call for Papers

August 24, 2010


Business and Society in the Middle East: Opportunities and Challenges in the Third Millennium

Conference Website: http://web.squ.edu.om/oibc/index.html

Organizer: College of Commerce and Economics, Sultan Qaboos University

Place: Muscat, The Sultanate of Oman

Dates: 21 to 23 Feb 2011

30 November 2010: the deadline for receiving abstracts

14 December 2010: notification of the approval of abstracts

14 January 2011: deadline for submission full paper

Aim of the Conference.

In recent years, government and business organizations have faced coinciding challenges; the financial and environmental crises, rapid social and cultural change, and radical developments in technology, and in business itself. While such developments have led to widespread problems, they have also created new opportunities for many organizations, including new start-up businesses.

The College of Commerce and Economics, at Sultan Qaboos University in the Sultanate of Oman, is an academic institution dedicated to the advancement of teaching, research, and community service in the areas of business and management. This, the first international conference on Business and Society in the Middle East to be organized by the College of Commerce and Economics, aims to provide an interactive forum for academics, policy-makers, practitioners in the public and private sectors, researchers, and postgraduate students, to discuss their research, experiences and ideas relating to the conference theme.

The primary goal of the conference is to provide a platform for the examination and analysis of business, management and society in the Middle East, and thereby to promote scientific interaction between participants from around the world.

We thus welcome the submission of papers on a wide range of issues, including empirical and conceptual papers, case studies, and discussions of business and management practice. Areas include, but are not restricted to, Accounting, Business Communication, Business Education, Business Ethics, Business Statistics, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Gender Issues, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, Leadership, Legal Issues, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, SMEs, Policy Development and Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability Issues , Risk Identification and Analysis . All papers will be subject to blind peer review. The conference thus promises to be an interesting and productive event. We do hope you are able to participate, and contribute to its success. The official language of the conference is English.

Contact email: almoharby@squ.edu.om
Conference Website: http://web.squ.edu.om/oibc/index.html

Call for papers

August 23, 2010

6th Conference on Retailing in Asia Pacific

Kuala Lumpur

14th -15th September 2011

Call for Papers

Papers are invited for the Sixth Conference on Retailing in Asia Pacific.  Either Full Papers or Outlines of Work in Progress may be submitted.  Deadline for submission:  April 1st 2011


Oxford Institute of Retail Management, Saїd Business School, University of Oxford, UK.

Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Supported by

Hosei Unversity, Tokyo.


Kuala Lumpur, the vibrant capital city of Malaysia.


Sustainability Issues in the Supply Chain: Innovation in Retailing and the Implications for Management, Economic, Environmental and Social Policies and Strategies for Competitiveness

In the post crisis period, wide ranging changes are necessary not only to improve sustainability but to anticipate market volatility in the medium to long term. Within the context of a number of regional and international environmental, economic and trade agreements, retail businesses and those that are linked to them, either backward or forward, need to be ready for changes in the competitive environment both from within their own economy and from external sources.  This conference brings together industry, policy makers and regulators, and researchers from academia or consultancy firms to focus on issues of sustainability and strategies for raising competitiveness in distributive services industries and those closely connected to them.

Papers are invited from academics, research institutions, consultants, business firms in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, logistics, technology provision, professional and business services, government policy makers and regulators from different levels, industry organizations, consumer associations and those interested in retail distribution and their effects.

For more details see

www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/oxirm/ or  http://fba.um.edu.my

Call for papers

August 23, 2010

First International Symposium


Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development


April 19-20, 2011

Organised by the Symposium Committee on behalf of

Centre for Corporate Responsibility (LMBS); Research and Transfer Centre ‘Applications of Life Sciences’ (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences);

Centre de Recherche de l’ESCEM

Hosted by

London Metropolitan Business School (LMBS) in

cooperation with ESCEM School of Business and Management


The Symposium Committee invites you to participate in a forthcoming congress on emerging issues in corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Presentations and debates will highlight current thinking and how these issues are being addressed around the world nowadays. We welcome contributions from researchers, practitioners, policy makers and community representatives, and anyone else who has a perspective on these issues. Those wishing to attend but not to present are also warmly welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you to the symposium in London.

Lez Rayman-Bacchus

Chair, Symposium Committee

Call for Papers

Theme: Global Challenges for Sustainability and Equity

The fashionable language in CSR circles has for a while now centred on sustainability. However, one party’s idea of a sustainable strategy may easily conflict with other stakeholders’ priorities. The notion of sustainability seems under-examined, its meaning taken for granted. Further, as important as the long view is, there is a danger of other equally important markers of human development being sidelined, such as equity, meaning fair or just outcomes. Which begs the question ‘what is fair or just’?, and ‘who gets to decide what is equitable’?

Among the areas where the rhetoric of sustainability and the demand for equity are proving challenging are the financial crisis and climate change; issues demanding coordinated responses at a global level, yet equally any ‘solutions’ need to be locally relevant and equitable. In these and other areas, issues of economic power, political influence and competing ethical perspectives seem embedded in any attempt to develop sustainable strategies and undoubtedly shape what counts as equitable. With these challenges in mind we need to explore and conceive innovative approaches to social and economic development that are both sustainable and equitable.


The scope of the symposium is interdisciplinary. We encourage contributions that focus both on single issues whether social, environmental, economic or technological, as well as contributions that focus on the challenges and opportunities where these streams seem to merge. We seek to develop nuanced knowledge and locally relevant practice. Such ambition requires perspectives that are critical, situated in the context of an evolving global dynamic.

Submissions may focus on either practice (e.g., innovative programmes, strategic challenges), or theory (development and reflection), or empirical research (involving the collection and analysis of data). Submissions (proposals) may be Abstracts, Developmental Papers or Full Papers. We also encourage Doctoral researchers to submit Work-in-Progress papers and Posters. Submission Options:

 Practitioner Abstracts

 Academic abstracts

 Full academic papers (for peer review)

 Developmental (Work-in-Progress) Papers

 Workshop Proposals

Participants are invited to submit proposals involving either 30 minutes presentations or 60 minute workshops. 30 minute presentations comprise 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes questions and brief discussion. Workshops are intended for topics that seek to stimulate much more audience participation and debate than can be achieved in a 30 minute presentation.

The symposium seeks interdisciplinary proposals that draw from the following areas:









These are indicative not limiting and submissions are invited that fall outside these areas.

Publication Opportunities

All presentations and papers will be published as symposium proceedings. In addition, registration in the Symposium provides participants the chance to publish in an academic journal. Papers submitted for publication in an academic journal will be blind refereed, and acceptance for publication will be based on referee reports. We are securing publication with appropriate journals, including the Journal Management of Environmental Quality, and in addition a Special Issue journal.

Submission process

Refereeing will be a rolling process so that papers will be reviewed soon after they are submitted. Feedback on acceptance or suggested revisions will be given following one of two submission deadlines: October 15th and December 15th. Proposals submitted and accepted early will be given priority. Those unable to attend the symposium may also submit papers for consideration by the Journal.

1. Submit proposal (presentation /abstract; development paper, full-paper).

2. Feedback given on whether a proposal is accepted or needs revision.

3. Once a proposal is accepted the author must register for the symposium.

4. Once the registration fee is paid, the presentation will be scheduled in the programme.

All presentations will be included in the symposium proceedings, but only full papers will be considered for the journal.


 July 2010 – call for papers

 October 15th – first deadline for proposals

 December 15th – second deadline for proposals

 February 15th 2011 – latest date for accepting papers

 April 15th – papers and draft Track schedules available online

Please send papers and enquiries to the secretariat at csrsymp2011@londonmet.ac.uk

Track Chairs

We need volunteers to Chair Presentations and Workshops, and poster sessions. The Symposium will be divided into tracks, representing loosely related perspectives and interests, and we aim to program parallel sessions relating to each track.


The weekend following the symposium is the Christian Easter holiday [Good Friday and Easter Sunday]. Participants (and their partners) may wish to stay on after the symposium to enjoy London/UK over the Easter break. It is a popular time for sight-seeing.

Symposium Fees

Up to Jan 30th 2011 From Feb 1st 2011

Regular EUR250 EUR300

Student EUR150 EUR180

Notice on arrangements for making payment will be provided shortly.

The registration fee includes all symposium materials, tea/coffee morning and afternoon, and lunch each day of the symposium.

Accommodations options will also be offered in various price ranges.


If you are unable to attend the Symposium, and are unable to transfer your registration to another person, you may request (by email) a refund of your Symposium registration fee. Cancellations will be accepted until February 15th with a refund of all fees except for an administration fee of EUR50. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this date.

Organising Committee

General Chair Lez Rayman-Bacchus , London Metropolitan University, UK Program Chair Ezendu Ariwa, London Metropolitan University, UK Proceedings Chair Walter Leal, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Publicity Chair Mary McKinley, ESCEM School of Business and Management, France

Track Chair Samuel Idowu, London Metropolitan University, UK

Liaison Officer

Fabrice Mauleon, ESCEM School of Business and Management, France

Contact us

We will be sending further information over the coming weeks, including: how to pay, accommodation options, the conference website address, and other details. Meanwhile for any enquiries regarding the symposium please contact us at the secretariat: csrsymp2011@londonmet.ac.uk

Dr Lez Rayman-Bacchus, Director Centre for Corporate Responsibility


Call for papers and proposals

August 23, 2010

Global Landscapes: Going G.R.E.E.N. in Changing Times

Governance, Responsibility, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, and Nature

King’s College

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

April 21-22, 2011

Deadline for submission of proposals for papers and panels: January 30, 2011

Invitations to be issued by February 15, 2011

The interdisciplinary conference “Going G.R.E.E.N. in Changing Times” will assemble scholars, educators, students, and community members who are interested in the connections among business, ethics, and sustainability.  Participants will examine these connections in the context of G.R.E.E.N. issues—Governance, Responsibility, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, and Nature, at different levels (local, regional, and global) and in various parts of the world (Africa, North and South America, Asia, and Europe). Interdisciplinary papers and panels on these topics are welcome.

The King’s Global Landscapes Conference is supported in part by a U.S. Department of Education Business & International Education grant, the McGowan School of Business, and the McGowan Ethics Center.  The objective of this interdisciplinary conference is to promote discussion of G.R.E.E.N. issues across academic curricula and business practice. The conference will also explore different ways to: implement social, environmental, and economic sustainability; prepare a future “green collar” workforce; and bring sustainability to institutional practices, policies, and contemporary culture. The conference aims to bring together professionals, key decision makers, and leaders committed to sustainability, triple-bottom-line corporate strategies, green building, economic development, renewable energy, climate change, transportation, social equity, and corporate and consumer responsibility.

Student authored papers are also welcome. Undergraduate student research conference presentations are sponsored by The International Business Honor Society, Epsilon Chi Omicron King’s College Chapter.

Suggested topics include:

  • Case studies and best practices of sustainable organizations/institutions
  • The Business Agenda: Growth and Sustainability
  • The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Issues
  • Clean Technology and Products
  • Corporate Social Reporting
  • Real-world examples of the “triple bottom line”— business solutions that benefit people planet, and profit
  • The Nexus: Energy, Climate, and Water
  • The role of business education in addressing ethics and sustainability issues
  • Building a successful sustainability program
  • Leading organizations on the Sustainability Journey
  • Regional/local issues in ethics and sustainability
  • Ethical uses of natural resources
  • Financial responsibility
  • Government and ethics, entrepreneurship, and natural resources

Submissions and Review Process

To be considered for the program, please submit one of the following:

  1. A completed paper.
  2. An abstract (between 100 and 600 words).
  3. A proposal (1-2 page summary) for a workshop, special session, or panel discussion.
  4. All submissions should include: title, abstract outlining the topic, and contact name, address, and email.  In the case of a panel discussion, educational aims of the panel should also be stated.

Proposals for panels and papers must be submitted by January 30, 2011 via email to:

Conference Chair:

Dr. Bindu Vyas, King’s College

E-mail: binduvyas@kings.edu

McGowan School of Business, King’s College

133 N. River Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

Phone: 570-208-5900 Ext. 5787

Fax: 570-208-5989

Conference Coordinators:

Dr. Sandra Loeb, King’s College                           Dr. Margarita Rose, King’s College

E-mail:  sandraloeb@kings.edu                           E-mail:  margaritarose@kings.edu

Authors will be notified of the conference committee decision by February 15, 2011.

Conference Registration fee: US $90.00 (includes three meals on campus). Additional registration and accommodation information will accompany invitation.

Conference web address: www.kings.edu/GLC

Possible funding

August 23, 2010

Some possible sources of research funding from the Rowntree Foundation: http://www.jrf.org.uk/funding