When worlds collide’: contested paradigms of corporate social responsibility


17 June 2009 

Cass Business School

Bunhill Row EC1Y 8TZ


Seminar Three


How, in a world of depleting resources, we can ensure equity between business and society?


Environmental matters raise important human rights questions, which sit at the heart of the CSR debate. Given the asymmetry of representational power between corporate bodies and individuals, who can mediate between the demands of business and the rights of individuals? Is it possible to meet the needs of business without limiting individuals’ rights?  In the case of greenhouse gas emissions, how do we ensure that the burden is not wholly placed on business? Yet, what responsibility has business for the question of externalities?  These questions prompt consideration of the over-all policy framework to deliver on environmental sustainability. Following the theme of  individuals vs business, is the “business case” for climate change really just a fiction or a political decision?


Presentations by

  • Professor Jan Bebbington, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Ruth Lee,  Economist and Broadcaster
  • Chiew Chong – WWF and the Living Planet Fund
  • Will Oulton – FTSE4Good Index

 Responses by

  • Mark Schofield – PWC
  • Professor Roger Steare, Cass Business School
  • Mallen Baker – CR Commentator –


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