EABIS & ESADE PhD Conference

April 29, 2009

EABIS and ESADE are pleased to launch the Call for Contributions for the PhD Conference which will take place on September 23 in Barcelona

As in former years, the topic of the PhD Conference is in line with the Annual Colloquium – “The Role and Purpose of Business in Society: Challenges and Issues for Global and Corporate Governance” – by which it is immediately preceded. Please note that we welcome contributions from doctoral candidates working on all business in society issues.

The deadline for contributions is June 22. The selected candidates will be informed on July 24. Please download the full call here.

Please contact daniel.arenas@esade.edu for all related questions.



April 29, 2009



19 JUNE 2009 – Aston Business School


The UN Principles of Responsible Management Education offer an unique opportunity for Schools of Business and Management to engage with a programme designed to assist Schools to adapt and transform their curricula as society demands business exhibit a more responsible and ethical approach to its activities. The relevance and importance of the PRiME initiative has been recognised already and endorsed by the AACSB and EFMD as an important indication of a Schools’ commitment to embedding ethics across programmes.


Since the Principles were published in 2007, a number of UK Schools of Business and Management have signed up. Many others have expressed interest, but for a number of reasons, probably to do with the uncertainly over the potential implications, they have not yet done so. This one-day workshop is designed to allow Deans, Heads of Departments and relevant Faculty to bring about this transformation.


Facilitated by members of the original UN Taskforce, and others who have adopted and begun the process of implementing PRiME, the day’s programme of events promises to be stimulating, instructive and instrumental by offering support and guidance from the growing network of UK educators taking a leadership role in these challenging times.


Issues of Learning and Teaching, Research and Curriculum Development will be addressed by leaders in the field, with the day designed to allow ample time for discussion.


The day’s activities will be introduced by Professor Julia King, Vice-Chancellor of Aston University, a member of the UK Government’s Committee on Climate Change, and author of the 2008 ‘King Report’ on carbon emissions.


A fee of £50.00 will be charged.


Further information, including a PRiME briefing pack, may be obtained from:


Alan Murray (alan.murray@shef.ac.uk)


Carole Parkes (c.l.parkes@aston.ac.uk)


April 29, 2009



When worlds collide’: contested paradigms of corporate social responsibility


17 June 2009 

Cass Business School

Bunhill Row EC1Y 8TZ


Seminar Three


How, in a world of depleting resources, we can ensure equity between business and society?


Environmental matters raise important human rights questions, which sit at the heart of the CSR debate. Given the asymmetry of representational power between corporate bodies and individuals, who can mediate between the demands of business and the rights of individuals? Is it possible to meet the needs of business without limiting individuals’ rights?  In the case of greenhouse gas emissions, how do we ensure that the burden is not wholly placed on business? Yet, what responsibility has business for the question of externalities?  These questions prompt consideration of the over-all policy framework to deliver on environmental sustainability. Following the theme of  individuals vs business, is the “business case” for climate change really just a fiction or a political decision?


Presentations by

  • Professor Jan Bebbington, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Ruth Lee,  Economist and Broadcaster
  • Chiew Chong – WWF and the Living Planet Fund
  • Will Oulton – FTSE4Good Index

 Responses by

  • Mark Schofield – PWC
  • Professor Roger Steare, Cass Business School
  • Mallen Baker – CR Commentator – www.mallenbaker.net


Further information from:   

alan.murray@shef.ac.uk or Paul Palmer – profpalmer@city.ac.uk

Farming post peak-oil

April 27, 2009

I found this a really interesting programme on one UK farmer’s investigations into how reliant we are on fossil fuels to maintain current food supplies, and what farming might look like after peak oil is reached.


Concerned consumer reports

April 1, 2009

Some interesting (longitudinal) data on public perceptions of company reputations and topical issues can be found HERE. Updates available every month by the look of it, with each month tackling a different sector (fast food, holidays, etc… search HERE for more).