The Development Marketplace grants

The Development Marketplace is a competitive grant program administered by the World Bank. The 2009 global competition is funded by various partners and it aims to identify 20 to 25 innovative, early-stage projects addressing climate adaptation. The DM is a unique opportunity to turn your idea into reality; if selected your project could receive up to US$200,000 in grant funding for implementation over two years.

Competition Theme
There is now a strong consensus that climate change presents an urgent challenge to the well-being of all countries, particularly the poorest countries and the poorest people in them. Even if efforts to reduce greenhouses gas (GHG) emissions are successful, it is no longer possible to avoid some degree of global warming and climate change. [more]

The competition on climate adaptation focuses on three sub-themes:
 1. Resilience of Indigenous Peoples Communities to Climate Risks [more]
 2. Climate Risk Management with Multiple Benefits [more]
 3. Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management [more]

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