‘Greening The Supply Chain 09: Sustainability versus Value For Money?’

12th May 2009                                                             
The Barbican Centre, London

Speakers will include:                                                                        

Tom Watson MP, Minister for Sustainable Procurement
Fiona Ross, Head of Centre for Sustainable Procurement, OGC
Dr Rachel Mason-Jones, Head of Supply Chain Management, University of Glamorgan
Collan Murray, Senior Procurement Manager, GLA Group
Colin Cram, Former Chief Executive of the North West Centre of Excellence


The UK government has ensured that the public sector is committed to leading by example in delivering sustainable development objectives through its procurement of buildings, goods and services, and encompasses all issues involved in delivering economic, social and environmental policy objectives.

Greening the supply chain has never been more important and as a result this event will examine the need for ethical and sustainable procurement.

National and international supply chains need to be less resource-intensive. Greening the supply chain is about reducing energy usage and the use of raw materials whilst ensuring sustainability and diversity in the world’s ecosystems. Reducing the massive waste that leads to an excessive need for waste disposal and landfill is also hugely important.

UK public sector organisations must encourage this by insisting on:
Greener and shorter supply chains;
• Innovative ways to achieve this;
• Working with academics, suppliers and markets to achieve the shared goal.

‘Greening The Supply Chain 09: Sustainability versus Value For Money?’, the second in our series of Procurement events, is designed to support the delivery of government sustainability and sustainable development policies, objectives and initiatives. It will give all those responsible for commissioning, delivering and procuring public services an understanding of how to achieve this whilst introducing sustainable practices and without sacrificing value for money.

                                        Further details of the event here


Why should you attend ‘Greening The Supply Chain: Sustainability versus Value for Money’?:

LEARN about and debate key developments from an exceptional line-up of speakers

UNDERSTAND how these will affect sustainable procurement across various areas of government

GAIN a greater understanding of how procurement will increasingly support the delivery of sustainability.

– DEVELOP an understanding of how sustainable procurement relates to and must contribute to the delivery of central and local government policies, strategies, objectives and services surrounding greening the supply chain

KEEP abreast of future developments that will affect you and your job role

NETWORK with other professionals

LEARN how you can make a difference  

To confirm your complimentary attendance at this event EMAIL YOUR DETAILS or contact Matthew Warrilow on 0161 832 7387.

Please note places are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


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