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Hurry, hurry to meet the deadline…  Journal of Change Management special issue – CSR in Developing Countries: A Change Management Perspective


Guest editors: Dima Jamali ( and Yusuf Sidani (


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has attracted increasing attention and a global resonance in the new economy. Although an exact definition of CSR remains elusive, the term is generally used to refer to a mode of business engagement and value creation, allowing to meet legal, ethical and public societal expectations (Luetkenhorst, 2004). In simple terms, CSR can be defined as the obligation of the firm to use its resources in ways to benefit society (Snider et al., 2003). While we have witnessed in recent years systematic attention to CSR and what it entails across the Western World (with the EU for example designating 2005 as the year of CSR in the European Union) efforts on the CSR front across the developing world can best be described as patchy (Jamali and Mirshak, 2007; Jamali et al., 2008), despite evidence of splintering initiatives in some countries (e.g. Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh).


This special issue call for papers in the Journal of Change Management is intended to tackle CSR in developing countries from a change management perspective. The question that we are looking to address is how to increase awareness of and business involvement in CSR in Arab or developing countries, taking into consideration relevant institutional actors and socio-political configurations. Indeed, a theme that is increasingly echoed in the literature on the subject is the need to embed CSR analysis in specific national contexts, with reference to specific national roots and historically grown institutional frameworks, and a wider range of clusters and actors (e.g. Roome, 2005; Matten and Moon, 2005; Campbell, 2007). We believe this kind of nuanced analysis can provide useful insights into the drivers and institutional challenges for CSR in developing countries, leading to the compilation of useful propositions to tackle from a change management perspective.


Therefore, we are inviting and seeking a range of academic contributions in this Special Issue Call for Papers addressing the following (although this list is by no means exhaustive):


1)      Awareness, motivation and manifestations of CSR in developing countries, and how to take nascent initiatives further from a change management perspective

2)      Institutional environments (including political, economic, education, culture and religion) and which institutional levers to pull in pursuit of change

3)      How are CSR debates framed by different institutional actors in society and how to change the tone of the CSR discourse in developing countries


Deadline: Expressions of interest in the form of abstract proposals of approximately 1000 words should be sent to Dr. Dima Jamali ( by 30 September 2008 (Please ensure that the submission conforms with the JCM authors’ guidelines).



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