Automatic academic paper generator

A bit of fun for a Friday. I’m just putting the finishing touches to another paper and was lamenting to a colleague about the ups and downs of the academic publication process and he pointed out the following site: Just put your name in (and some colleagues if you’re feeling collaborative) and hit ‘generate’… note how quickly a paper appears (ok, it’s more to do with computer science than CSR, but then beggars can’t be choosers), at the top you can download a .pdf version. Have a look at the references to see that you have also magically been incorporated into some previous publications. Every time you hit ‘generate’ a completely new paper appears. Just to confirm, these ‘papers’ are generated from a random set of words and sentences that the software arranges to at least read in a (notionally) grammatically correct form… the content is complete nonsense. Now the fun part… some folk have submitted these to journals and conferences to test how robust the peer-review process is… check out the results on the website… meanwhile, I’ll get back to writing the hard way!


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